How A Haunted House Helped My Students Learn Excel Shortcuts

A few weeks ago a friend emailed me a link to Jim Kwik’s mini series on learning faster.

In his first video, Mr. Kwik (yes, that is actually his name) breaks down a super easy and fun method for remembering a list of 10 items.

The key is to place those items into different locations in your mind. You end up creating an entire story, which apparently we are much more capable of remembering than a string of boring facts.

Shocking, right? 🙂

Jim did such an incredible job that I was immediately inspired to create a memory system for learning and remembering Excel keyboard shortcuts.

I’ve already tried my Haunted House Method for learning Excel Shortcuts on a handful of students, and on average they increased their retention by 419%.

Not bad if you ask me.

Here’s the 1st part of what could potentially turn into a 12 part series of memory tricks to learn the top 60 Excel shortcuts.

That is, of course, if there’s enough interest.

Be sure to leave a comment telling me if this was helpful or not!

3 Replies to “How A Haunted House Helped My Students Learn Excel Shortcuts”

  1. very helpful, easy to remember the short cuts because of the story and the entertaining presentation, way to go Shir !

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